Welcome to the Shields School Website!.....School Begins on September 2nd....Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year!.....2nd Grade Open House on Tuesday, September 9th at 9:00am.....3rd Grade Open House on Tuesday, September 9th at 10:00am..... PreK Orientation on Wednesday, September 10th at 8:30am in the Auditorium.....Kindergarten Open House on Friday, September 12 at 12:00pm.....4th Grade Open House on Monday, September 15 at 2:00pm.....1st Grade Open House on Tuesday, September 16th at 1:00pm.....LSC Meeting on Thursday, September 18th at 8:30 in Main Library.....Parent Patrol Meeting on Wednesday, September 24th at 8:30am in Annex Cafeteria.....Have a Great Day! :)




Shields School will effectively meet the needs, interests and abilities of the learners and find ways to nurture and challenge them. Our vision will support meaningful, engaged learning for all students.  Through the collaborative efforts of teachers, parents, community members and administrators, our students will learn the academic, technological and interpersonal skills necessary to achieve their highest potential to become responsible and informed citizens 

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